Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Coordinator for Digital Digest!

EWGS is super lucky once again! Diane Boyd, on the left, our EWGS Webmanager, worked with Dani Lee McGowan today and Dani Lee has accepted the position of Digital Digest Coordinator. This is wonderful news! With Gerry Gosche as proofreader, they will make a great team.

Diane sent out a blast email announcing that the FALL issue of the DD was now posted and available to members............ I hope you've read your issue. The committee works diligently to ensure a quality online publication...... which will be even better with Dani Lee as Coordinator. Thank you, Dani Lee.

EWGS is certainly doubly blessed to have such knowledgeable and generous members.

P.S. Surely you all realize that a "blast email" is not to "blast you" negatively about anything; it just means a message blasted out online to each and every one of you :-)

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