Friday, September 14, 2012

2012 WSGS Conference Armchair Genealogy Day 2

There were several vendors at the WSGS Conference and I think I visited all of them, but just took pictures of three booths, this was the APG Booth
WSGS Booth
Volunteer Award Winners at WSGS Booth
First thing in the morning was the excellent Continental Breakfast
Continental Breakfast
Brian Hutchison the main speaker of the conference, this was his second talk, we could not hear him very well for his first talk on Armchair Genealogy, but it was on long distance researching. For the second session we moved closer to the front and was able to hear this session, Twenty Five tips in Sixty Minutes. 
After Brian's session we had two breakout sessions, I went to the session on the New Family Search by Ray Madsen, he is a very good speaker and his session was a good learning experience. The Next breakout session was Jon Kirshbaum and I got to introduce him and his session on Migration Routes. Jon rambled on for about 45 minutes and then in the last 15 minutes he got on subject. The room was warm and I thought it just about right, but most of the coast people thought it was too hot.
Next was the excellent lunch and then the annual WSGS meeting. 
This is Sue Ericksen WSGS President with Best Website Award

Volunteer award winners from around the state, but none from EWGS this year.
I even got to tell about my project the Resource Guides. After lunch was the last breakout session, and I got to announce Rod Fleck and his session on Military Records from the beginning of the settlements in New England to WWII. Rod is an excellent speaker and his session was over way too soon. His session was in the Elk Lodge Room and this elk head is over the fireplace there.
Elk head in Elk Lodge Room
Last was another session from Brian Hutchison using underused sources to find your ancestors, and then they had several door prizes and raffel tickets to draw. I did not win anything.

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