Saturday, January 8, 2011

What You Missed The January 8, 2011 Luncheon

The January luncheon is usually a fun meeting where the EWGS past presidents and the distinguished service members are honored, but they skipped that part this year since both groups were honored last June and will be again this June.

The speakers were Tony and Suzanne Bamonte talking on their book Life behind the Badge: The Spokane Police Department's Founding Years, 1881-1903.

This first picture is Doris Woodward intoducing her friends Tony and Suzanne Bamonte.

This is Suzanne Bamonte talking with Tony waiting to talk. They did a great talk on the book on the founding of the Spokane Police Department, but then they went into a tribute to Doris Woodward and all the work she has done on several books the Bamonte's have published. They even showed her list of FIVE books she has written.

This is Bette Topp giving her tribute to Doris Woodward.

This is Jeanne Coe and her tribute to Doris Woodward.

This is Ruby McNeill giving her tribute to Doris Woodward. Note my camera jammed when Dottie Braithwait was giving her tribute, and I got it working just in time for Ruby so did not get a picture of Dottie.

This is the gift for Doris Woodward: a large coffee cup that says Maine on the side. Note Doris' family is in Maine and her ancestors there were some of the very first to settle in Maine. Donna Philips is explaining the gift.

This is Doris thanking everyone for all the tributes. Hard to believe we will not have Doris for our Bulletin editor anymore; for the last 23 years she has made the EWGS Bulletin into an award-winning genealogical society newsletter. She was always asking for articles from me and with her expert editing my poor grammar turned into wonderful articles. Thanks, Doris, we will miss you and the paper Bulletin as we join the digital era with an online bulletin in 2011.

A few years ago I got a letter from the Family History Library asking for help in updating the Washington State Resource Guide they had in paper form. I asked for volunteers to help me and Doris Woodward was the only one that volunteered, so together we added many Washington Resources to the Washington State Resource Guide and explained some resources better than they had. Soon after we submitted our letter, they put the resource guides online and today they are in the Family Search Wiki.

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Thank you for sharing this, Charles; I am so sorry I had to miss it due to illness.