Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hoover Dam Workers & Pioneer Families Database CD

This may seem crazy to post HERE, but hubby and I just returned from hiking in Death Valley and taking a tour of Hoover Dam (avoiding Las Vegas mostly). In the Hoover Dam gift shop, I just had to purchase this: "Hoover Dam Construction Workers & Pioneer Families of Boulder City Nevada."

This CD is a database of 4400+ pages "detailing names and source documents where articles on each person will be found. The information for the Workers & Pioneer families include (where available) the following for each person: Name of construction worker or pioneer family member; wife's maiden name; children's names; relationships between Worker and Pioneer Family members; alias or nicknames; alternate spelling found for names; employers and job performed and quick reference detailing source documents where additional information on each individual will be found. Additional sections include Companies, Businessmen and Government Officials associated with the planning and construction of Hoover Dam and the Boulder Canyon Project." Cost was only $19.95.

Not at all sure what I will do with this wonderful disc.......... maybe YOU have some ideas for me? I'm pretty sure that none of my ancestors worked on Hoover Dam..... maybe yours??

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Dr. Bill (William L.) Smith said...

What a wonderful resource!
Thanks for sharing!