Friday, September 11, 2009

WSGS Conference First Day

Hard to believe after two years of planning and work, that the WSGS conference has started. I did the name tags for everyone, lilac ones for EWGS members (we are the lilac city), yellow ones for the WSGS members, green ones for speakers, red ones for the vendors, and all the rest got white ones. They had two beginners classes at the library, both very full, and three Tours, one to the MAC the home of the Eastern Washington Historical Society, one a walking tour of the Bing Crosby, and Fox Theaters, both recently remodeled, and the third tour of the Washington State Digital Archives. I took the Digital Archives tour. This is the second time I took that tour, the first was when they had the grand opening there. The dinner Friday evening was grilled Lemon Pepper Chicken Breast/Risotto and Washington Apple Tart. We had a little problem there as they came out three dinners short, and my sister and I and one other gentleman on our table were the three without dinner. We had several servers, the head server all came and said it was their fault and would have our dinners out soon, we asked since they were out of chicken if we could order lobster, but they brought chicken, and more apologies for our late dinner. The meal was good. So before we finished dinner Megan started speaking, and her talk on Things that make my Brain Hurt was excellent. Got to get to bed now as breakfast is at 7am.


Thomas MacEntee said...


I am so jealous! Getting to see Meagan as your speaker? Getting to meet with all those other genealogists? It sounds like a great time and I know you put quite a bit of work into the conference. Congratulations!

Miriam said...

Hi, Thomas,

Actually, the above article was written by team blogger and society researcher Charles Hansen, although that may not be apparent when it appears on Facebook.

I'll write my summaries, too, but later...just been so busy!

Charles Hansen said...

Thomas She was worth all the long hours of planning and preparation, too bad you missed her.