Monday, June 24, 2019

Nine Mile Falls Historic Site............ever been there?

Ever been out to Nine Mile Falls in the northwestern-most corner of Spokane? It's not just a name but is a FALLS, albeit a dam-created falls. Judy Benson shares these photos with us:

Nine Mile Falls Historic Site
The Nine Mile Falls hydroelectric plant was completed in1908 to provide power to the rail network outside of Spokane. Street cars had become the preferred mode of transportation allowing for the city’s continued expansion. Because the distance from downtown to the dam was more than 16 miles, in1928 ten English brick bungalow cottages (7 are still standing and being renovated) were built for the power plant workers and their families.

This Hydroelectric Power Plant Historic District is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places and one of the best-preserved historic power sites in the state. It’s a perfect destination for lunch in the provided picnic area; while watching the beautiful views of the falls and strolling through the street of days past with these cozy charming homes. 
This would be a fun summer drive. Go west on Francis to the end, down the hill (only one road) and stay on this road until you get to the dam (at the "town" of Nine Mile Falls). Turn left over the dam and the cottages are on your right. They appear to be still lived in. 

As you imagine, or visit, think upon what historic things to see are in the areas or towns where your ancestors lived?? Ever been there?

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