Wednesday, September 5, 2018

The Spokane Polo Club


The Spokane Polo Club

Last week, Thom and I were walking our two Shih Tzus  at Mirabeau Park in Spokane Valley.  They had just been to the groomers, and they were excited to get out for a


We met a middle-aged woman walking her Jack Russell Terrier who grew up in Kentucky, lived in California for a time, and then moved to Spokane to “get a real job” she told us.  For many years, she worked with horses—trained them, vaccinated them, travelled with them—for Polo teams! 

I immediately thought of the Spokane Polo Club in Airway Heights.  I wasn’t aware of the Polo Club until probably 10 years ago.  I was working at Group Health off Sunset Hill and would, on occasion, drive to Airway Heights for lunch.  One day I noticed the Polo Club sign!  I thought, Spokane doesn’t seem like a town that would play polo!

Polo has been a part of Spokane since 1913.  In that year, the Spokane Fair & Expo brought in two Canadian Polo teams and the polo spark was struck!   Polo came back to Spokane Fair & Expo every year for many years.  The sport became so popular that Peter Dix founded a polo club in 1950--that club after a time became the Spokane Polo Club.

The Club has had numerous venues--Playfair in the 1930’s, The Bridlewood in Latah Valley (I couldn't find anything about Bridlewood in my information search.),  and the Dix Farm. The Dix family has been very involved in the Club, and has helped to keep it alive in the Inland Northwest.

The Club has two full-sized fields planted in 1967.  They have on-site stables, a regulation polo arena, a ¾ mile track, among other amenities.  The Club holds a number of tournaments each year,  hold Polo Camp, and polo lessons.

Sources:  Spokane Polo Club website

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