Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Genealogy Collection Moved to Second Floor of Library

The Spokane library has been working on moving different collections to different places. We knew they wanted to move the genealogy collection from the third floor to the second floor, close to the northwest room. They cut down the space we had so many of the books were put in storage in the first floor. Problem with that is out of sight few people will know to ask. The genealogy desk and the file cabinet that was close to the genealogy desk are in the southwest corner of the second floor. They are still without power or phone connection, but that is supposed to be coming soon.
They have moved the newspapers and the microfilm readers by the stairs to the third floor, newspaper microfilm in the cabinet on left of photo.
 Microfilm readers for the newspapers.
 The Tuesday volunteers getting ready to work on collection.

They are going to make the north side of the third floor an area for meetings in front of the wonderful windows overlooking the Spokane River Falls, but right now it overlooks the construction
of the Combined Sewer Overflow tank.


Karen Struve said...

Sorry to hear this. The Northeast Washington Genealogical Society in Colville experienced the same thing several years ago at the local library. Out of sight - out of mind is so true.
You have such a rich collection and now it's broken apart.
Our whole collection was relegated to the storage room in the basement of the library and now we are being asked to go through it and get rid of books because no one is looking at them.
This is all so disappointing.

Charles Hansen said...

The EWGS library volunteers checked, and most of the items that are in the basement are online, so seldom used at the library anyway. All the census films and books and the New England vital Record books for example. The EWGS group is still rearranging the books, so they may move some before everything is final. The next row of books past the genealogy section is History books, so that is helpful also.