Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Library Construction Update

Stopped by the library today to take some pictures of the construction detours.
Looking north on Lincoln they have closed the crosswalk in front of the library across Main. You need to cross Lincoln first then Main and Lincoln again.

Cars heading north on Lincoln by the library, There is two lanes from Spokane Falls Boulevard to Main.
Looking South on Lincoln, notice right lane right only heading to Monroe, left lane either right to Monroe or left on Main.
Here is the new driveway on the right side of Lincoln that goes to the library parking lot.
This is from the second floor of the library showing the ramps to the parking garage and the lanes leading to Lincoln.
Here is a car leaving the garage and waiting for a hole in the  traffic to exit onto Lincoln.
They have closed the sidewalk heading north along Lincoln past the library book drop, so you can not walk to the garage ramps now. They have also removed all the parking along Lincoln so the traffic can move  efficiently.
This is the sidewalk along Main heading towards Monroe, it is closed just past the bike racks. The sidewalk on the south side of Main is still open, but a miserable way to get to it, across Lincoln to the east, south across Main then west across Lincoln again.

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