Thursday, January 28, 2016

EWGS Classes? Did we say EWGS classes??

"Regarding future EWGS classes....not the monthly EWGS programs but additional classes.... Donna polled you all via email and at the January meeting as to what classes you would like to take. The choices she offered at that time were (1) DNA;  (2) New York Research; or (3) Writing YOUR Story.   A class on DNA won, hands down. After all, this technology is becoming a standard in the tool box of resources for genealogical research and we might as well try to understand it if not use it.  Writing YOUR Story was a close runner-up. Donna feels sure that she can motivate you to really get your words down on paper! The vote was also in favor of having such classes at the Shadle Library and during the daytime. Accordingly, as soon as Donna gets her head above water  she will begin planning and offering these classes.  Please stay tuned...........

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