Monday, September 28, 2015

Facts To Ponder

Fact:  Cyndi Ingle is coming to town............ Saturday, Oct 3rd.

Fact:  Cyndi Ingle is a BIG WIG in the world of genealogy and she's coming to teach US.

Fact:  Cyndi is the originator and manager of the website, links to nearly 300,000 genealogy-related websites.

Fact:  Cyndi is one of those folks who are as easy to follow and learn from .... she's comfortable as old bunny slippers. 

Fact:  Cyndi will be giving us an all-day workshop for the registration fee of $25 (non-EWGS members $30). 

Fact: Cyndi provides a syllabus;  EWGS provides a potluck lunch. 

Fact: Visit our website for all the details:

I plan to see YOU there!

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