Friday, September 18, 2015

Cyndi Ingle is coming to town...................

Cyndi Ingle has been compiling and making available to us her CyndisList since she was a little kid in bunny slippers. I well remember attending my first seminar where she spoke..... we were all sitting there expectantly and in she waltzes from the back of the room in her fuzzy robe and bunny slippers. And her point was that using Cyndis List you can do genealogy from home "in your robe and slippers." That point was not lost on me!

Today she is a beautiful lady, with a son beginning college, and her Cyndis List has nearly 300,000 genealogy links! And she maintains this website mostly all by herself. 

CyndisList has links to something under every letter of the alphabet except X-Y-Z. For Antarctica--126 links.  For Free Stuff---407 links.  For Organizing Your Research---303 links. For Japan--107 links. For Africa---126 links.

Now if she has that many links to those presumably less requested topics, imagine how many she has for Research in Ohio or DNA Research or Cemetery Research.

CyndisList has been a goldmine for 30 years and continues to be one of the most valuable tools in our genealogy toolbox. 

For more information on the EWGS upcoming seminar on October 3rd with Cyndi Ingle, click to our website,

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