Monday, September 21, 2015

Cyndi Ingle is coming to town................. remix!

Do you all realize what a fantastic opportunity we have upcoming on Saturday, October 3rd???

Cyndi Ingle is coming to town! She's coming to share four presentations in an all-day Fall Workshop with us!!  

If you will click to, you will find 17 listings for "cyndislist."  If you request "cyndis list" you will get 70,900 listing......... some 70,000 YouTube videos about Cyndi and her list. For "Cyndi Ingle" there will be nearly 500 videos available. 

Doesn't that say something about what a truly big wig she is in the genealogy world? Yet, I know her personally and she is as down-to-earth as her symbolic bunny slippers. 

You will enjoy the day with Cyndi Ingle of

Click to for registration details. 

See you on October 3rd!

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