Wednesday, August 12, 2015

2015 Rest Stop Fundraiser a Glowing Success!

Kathy Bowen and Charlotte Sullivan pose on Saturday afternoon at the Westbound Sprague Lake Rest Stop.
Photographed by EWGS member John Wilson. Used with permission.

Saturday and Sunday, August 1st and 2nd, members of Eastern Washington Genealogical Society manned the free coffee station at the Westbound Sprague Lake rest stop along Interstate 90, about 40 miles west of Spokane. Supplied with gallons of coffee and tens of dozens of cookies, the volunteers brought in $671.08 in donations that weekend! It was a great opportunity to meet with people from not just all over the Inland Empire, but from around the continent as well! Questions about genealogy and family history and about our society were answered, and people were invited to either attend one of our own meetings or to contact their local public library to discover where a genealogical society in their home town meets.

Not only were our volunteers dedicated, they were brave. A wildfire just a few miles east of the rest stop grew into 600 acres and burned up to the interstate in some places.

The monies we raised will help to fund and increase our wonderful genealogical collection (books, CDs, microfilm, loose files, and more!) housed on the third floor of the downtown branch of the Spokane Public Library at 906 West Main Avenue in Spokane.

Miriam Robbins, Rest Stop Fundraiser Chairperson, would like to publicly thank the following individuals who volunteered in some capacity or another, whether it was purchasing or baking cookies and/or manning the station (or both):

Pat Ayers
Janette Birch
Tony Birch
Dianne Bongarts
Kathy Bowen
Jeanne Coe
Dan Cotton
May Cotton
Nancy Denton
Doug Floyd
Oweta Floyd
Leah Hansel
Charles Hansen
Janet Ingram
Patty Jenkins
Juanita McBride
Lola McCreary
Ernie Preedy
Jan Preedy
Linda Rainey
Betty Rhoda
Tammy Rizzuto
Evelyn Small
Charlotte Sullivan
Clarinda Troeme
Landa Vierra
Fran Wicht
Linda Wilke
John Wilson
Jeanette Zeromski

We have such a wonderful group of caring people who are so willing to give of their time and money to keep our society growing!

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