Thursday, July 2, 2015

Serendipity Thursday

Last week, while visiting the Central Washington Branch of the Washington State Archives in Ellensburg, and since I have no family connections to the counties covered by this archives, I looked for interesting Washington trivia. And in the books on the shelves there.

From the book:  Plats & Descriptions of Operating Properties Owned by the State of Washington, a report prepared by L.D. McArdle, of the Dept of Efficiency on 30 June 1924.

The first deed for the land acquisition for the Eastern State Hospital near Spokane was filed on
 2 March 1888 for $1200 to the Northern Pacific Railroad for 160 acres.........

The first deed for land purchase for the Cheney Normal School (now Eastern Washington University) was from Benjamin P. Cheney.dated 10 June 1890 .............

If you're a "real" genealogist, then you're interested in maps and hope you enjoyed these.

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