Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Some most unusual names...........

On my recent research trip, I looked at materials from St.Clair county, Illinois, and Hill county, Texas. On the last page of my little notebook, I kept a list of the unusual FIRST names (dare I say funny?) which I encountered.  I share them with you.

For males:  Sion  --  Busky  --  Sirrell  --  Shelah  --  Bethel  --  Bright  --  Blassey  --  Ozwell  --  Bolin  --  Joab  --  Berry  --  Meshack  --  Anthroit  --  Grandison

For females:  Arilla  --  Ethelle  --  Havena  --  Darkus  --  Miliah  --  Cherry  --  Phetama  --  Zerilda  --  Agnetta  --  Sabrilla  --  Turen  --  Tinetta  --  Girly

Now surely yes, I know, these could have been surnames used as first names. But bet nobody in your family in the last 100 years has chosen one of these names for their new baby!

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Linda Lemons said...

my husband's family has generations of Zephy's - that same family had daughters named aurelia and urania - those have not been passed on.