Tuesday, January 6, 2015

EWGS 80th Birthday 2015

January 12, 1935
  Amelia Earhart was flying over Santa Cruz, California on her flight from Hawaii to Oakland, California. A crowd of 500 gathered at the Oakland airport. 

Admiral Joseph Mason Reeves says Americans are Better Fighters. He says American planes and materials are equal to any country and our men are superior in tactical skill and valor.

COULEE DAM  Trying to find marks on rocks and cuts on trees made 50 years ago so as to establish corners needed for the land to be flooded by the dam. Section corners established 1880-1890 in Lincoln, Stevens and Grant counties, and 1906-1907 in Okanogan and Ferry counties.

Basketball fans will see the battle of towering centers when Cheney Normal and Gonzaga meet here tonight. The Bulldogs have a 6 foot 5 Harold (Ox) Bradway, while the visiting Savages depend on 6 foot 6. Eustace.

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