Friday, January 30, 2015

EWGS 80th Birthday 2015

A couple of days ago I wrote about the debate over Social Security. Today Leland Meitzler has an article on his blog about Ida Mae Fuller the person that got the first Social Security Check here

January 30, 1935
Predicts Defeat of Grange Bill,  Senator Ed Peirce of Spokane the Senate Pro Temp predicted  the Grange Blanket Primary law will be defeated in the upper chamber despite the fact  that it won in the house 86-11.
If Defeated it automatically is referred to voters in the 1936 general election.

Interesting how a review of police is different than from today.

Still working on Grand Coulee Dam

February 1, 1935
City Merchants Want Sales Tax Levied on Buyer.  Spokane Retail Merchants voiced their opposition to any sales tax that is not passed to the consumer.

Brilliant Sunrise Dazzles Spokane. Spokane residents who arose early got to see one of the most brilliant sunrise spectacles seen here in many years.
Precipitation totals of 2.06 inches for January was a 0.10 of an inch short of normal.

Working on the Bay Bridge in San Francisco

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