Monday, January 26, 2015

EWGS 80th Birthday 2015

January 28, 1935
Cost of Heating is Made Public:  Mason City the worlds first all electric city revealed the cost of heating a 3 or 4 bedroom house with electricity. Average for last month was $8 so for a year $54-$55.

Want State to Widen Heavily Traveled Roads, but how to pay for the work?
1. Keep the 5 cent gas tax  (Washington is 37.5 cents a gallon now)
2. Keep the $3 registration fee for all vehicles.
3. Put a 11 cent tax fuel tax on diesel fuel (up to now exempt from fuel tax)

The Dionne Quints are 8 months old today. They grew 6.5 inches in the last 30 days and gained 6 pounds 13 ounces. They get one half an egg yolk each day, and on alternate days either vegetable pulp or fruit pulp. They still get milk and cod liver oil each day and cereal in the evenings.

Cheney Savages Go on the Warpath. Cheney Normal Basketeers left Sunday for the coast. Playing four teams while gone. First the stars from Wenatachee  at Cashmere. Then the University of Washington Yearlings, Tuesday; Bellingham Normal, Thursday; and Ellensburg Normal, Saturday.

Great Northern Crews Gathering Ice for next Summer

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