Monday, July 21, 2014

Unusual Burial...... In An Oak Tree

"Within this oak, planted three centuries ago in the original Magnolia Plantation garden by his ancestor, Thomas Drayton, Jr., of Barbados, are interred the remains of

John Drayton Hastie,  July 22, 1917-Dec. 16, 2002

Whose later life was devoted to continuing the horticultural efforts of eight generations of family predecessors, and to transforming their springtime garden into one of beauty for all seasons." 

Last May when I visited Charleston, South Carolina, I visited the magnificent gardens nearby. In Magnolia Gardens, I spotted this and thought it was a most unusual burying place and photographed it to share with you. I would guess that in time, the hole in the trunk of this oak will close around the memorial plaque and box of John Drayton Hastie. Personally, I like the idea of living forever in a tree. 

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