Monday, July 7, 2014

Remember this Carnegie Library?

I came upon this old postcard in a junque shop in Virginia and boy, did it bring back memories. This Carnegie Library was built in 1905 and is near Browne's Addition. Today it is tree shaded and  houses legal offices. Does anybody but me remember it as a library?

In 1956 I attended 8th grade in Browne's Addition elementary school just a hoot and holler west of this library. The 2-story school is no longer there but the gym part of the building is still there and faces a parking lot. In 1956 I was having much dental work done and once a week or so would walk downtown to the Paulsen Building where I would sit in the chair facing out onto the clock tower of the old railroad station while Dr. Stone (still remember his name!) put a horrid black rubber dam on my mouth and worked on my teeth. Living in Air Force housing on Fort George Wright as we did at the time, Mom would come fetch me after my dental appointment.

Sometimes I got to go after school to this library and mom would fetch me from there. It was glorious. I don't remember a single thing exactly about the library except that it smelled good, like books should, I guess.

Would love to hear from anybody who attended Browne Elementary and visited this Carnegie Library back in the day.

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Charles Hansen said...

My dad worked across first avenue from the Carnegie Library at Master Motor Parts after WWII, I remember going there with him sometimes after he started working in Hillyard. I don't ever remembering going inside the library, but it is an impressive building.