Monday, June 9, 2014

Susan Faulkner's Grandma WAS A Pig Farmer...... So She Told EWGS

Susan Davis Faulkner came to EWGS from Tri-Cities to share a wonderful program with us at the June 7th EWGS meeting. She taught us how to use the Non-Population Schedules to give us a fuller picture of our ancestor's life and times.

The data on any given Non-Population schedule (and there are several) may be scanty but properly "massaged" (Susan's word) much can be learned. She explained how she took the time to compare her ancestor's (whatever) with that ancestor's neighbors and could see that her ancestor was way ahead or way behind, was way above or way below, the average in that area. Her grandmother, the pig farmer, produced way, way more butter than any of her neighbors, for instance. Is that trivia worth knowing?

Susan will be repeating her presentation at the August 15-16 conference of the Washington State Genealogy Society. If you missed hearing her at the EWGS meeting, do plan to take in her session at the WSGS conference. You will see these "useless" schedules in a whole new light.

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Charles Hansen said...

Susan is a good speaker and her subject of Grandma was a pig farmer was very good. Be sure to see it at the WSGS conference in August if you missed it.