Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Would you enjoy searching in a library of nearly 84,000 books?

Thanks to Dick Eastman's newsletter for 24 March 2014 (www.eogn.com ) for this wonderful tidbit:

Would you enjoy having access to 83,947 genealogy books in your own home? For free? Of course you would. You can download these books to your desktop, laptop, Kindle, iPad or similar device.

Several organizations have been digitizing old genealogy and family history books for several years and the number of these books online is growing daily.

The Archive.org genealogy collection is divided into nearly twenty sub-collections. Surely there will be some free information there for YOU.

Click to www.archive.org or for a more direct link click to http://archive.org/details/genealogy

Good thing to do on a lazy afternoon..............visit a gi-normous genealogy library all online.

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