Friday, May 2, 2014

Hunington Park

Today was the grand opening of the redeveloped Hunington Park owned by Avista (our local electric and gas utility) across the street from the downtown Spokane Public Library. I had previously taken some pictures of Hunington Park under construction and during the spring runoff. They are here .

Rock commemorating the Redevelopment of the park.

Water feature where there used to be a parking lot.

Two of the turbines from the power plant at the falls.

The falls with the Welcome to Spokane sign, by Avista.

Another view of the falls.

Looking downstream to the west under the Monroe Street Bridge.

Looking upstream from near the bottom, notice the gondolas
that go over the river below the falls.

Surprised I got this one, this is the flame on the side of the
plaza, the wind was blowing so hard it looked like it would
blow out.

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