Tuesday, April 1, 2014

HistoryLink.org ........... do you know about this website?

This is a screen shot of www.historylink.org  which is "the free online encyclopedia of Washington state history."  This week they're showing pictures and information about the mudslide over near Oso and Darrington, Washington. The website has a search feature where you can type in your request.

When you click to the website, click first to About Us to read the explanation of why and what the site is and offers.

Picking something from my mind, I asked for "Pinkneyville" and learned that on December 1, 1859, a post office was established at a "raw frontier town that had sprung up near the military post of Fort Colville." The town lasted until 1893. I understand that the site and the town morphed into the present town of Colville.

From the HistoryLink website, here is a soldier's drawing of old Fort Colville.

While you might be saying, "I would not be interested in this website because I do not have early Washington ancestors." But I submit to you that since we live here that we ought to be aware of our history for our own self-gratification and to help others from elsewhere who do have and are researching their Washington ancestors.

Check out HistoryLink.org........... you may have an enjoyable hour clicking here and there on the website.

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