Saturday, January 4, 2014

What You Missed January 2014 Annual Luncheon

This nice and sunny morning started out cold, but soon arrived at the Timber Creek Buffet where EWGS was holding the 2014 luncheon to introduce the new officers and honor past presidents and the DSMs (Distinguished Service Members). At 10 am was the start of the board meeting and so we discussed our upcoming meetings. February is a book sale, March is the visit to the Digital Archives, April is going to be Leslie Lawson from Portland, Oregon. Also talked a little about Steve Morrison the October workshop speaker.

Here are the 2014 EWGS Officers

The Speaker was Donald McLaughlin 
Project Director for the Stevens County
Historical Society.
He talked about the Fort Walla Wall to
Fort Colville Road.

The food was good and the conversations between the
members is even better.

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