Thursday, January 16, 2014

Family of Maude E. O'Leary, Spokane, ca 1938

Not far from my house is an old tumbling-down farm house. Poking around in this old house I found some papers stuck behind wallpaper in the living room.

It was an "Instrument Revoking Proxy" from the Guaranty Liquidating Corporation, Los Angeles, California. The letter was dated 7 Oct 1938.  It was sent to Mrs. Maude E. O'Leary, 4011 N. Madison St., Spokane, Wash. The house where I found it was quite a ways from North Madison i north Spokane ...... the old farm house is three miles due north of the airport. 

How did those papers get hidden in that old farmhouse? The proxy was never why were they valuable enough to keep? Does any O'Leary family descendant want them???

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