Friday, January 24, 2014

EWGS Writing Contest.......... Have You Entered?

The theme of this year's writing contest was chosen so that every single member of EWGS could enter. The theme is how/when/why My Family Came To the Northwest. We're here; we came..... or our parents or grandparents came...... so that's our story!

Bill came in 1991 to Spokane but his several-generations-back great uncle's children came in 1882 from Illinois and Ohio to become farmers in our Lincoln County. 

Diane's folks on both sides were pioneers of Moscow, Idaho, in the 1860s when it was in Washington Territory before statehood. Then her grandfather was born in Tacoma and she was born in Spokane. There's a great story in all those migrations!

I'm sure YOUR story parallels theirs in some respects............ please tell us!!

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