Wednesday, January 1, 2014

EWGS Member's Premature Obituary!!

While doing a search on Ancestry, imagine Ardis Zacker Storms' reaction to finding her own obituary!!

Ardis is a longtime member of EWGS and one day while idly doing a birth-marriage-death search on Ancestry found an obituary for Ardis Zacker, born 5 January 1943 in Washington. "That's me!" she said.

She pretty quickly realized that the obit was for her baby brother, Dwaine, who had passed away in June 2013 and somehow the indexing of that information had a huge hiccup.

"Darn," said Ardis, "I didn't even get to see what they said about me!"

Please come to the next EWGS meeting on Saturday, January 4th, 11:45, at the Timber Creek Buffet on Argonne in the Spokane Valley. And be sure to hug and tell Ardis that you're REALLY glad to see her alive and kicking!

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