Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Greetings from Donna

Hello and Merry Christmas to each and every one of you EWGS members. It has been a pleasure serving with you and working with you this past year and I look forward to a very Happy New Year growing and learning with all my EWGS friends.

To all of you who have also served EWGS this past year, please accept my sincerest thanks and hugs! EWGS would not be the organization it is without YOU.

I was in Salt Lake City and so missed the December meeting. I wish I could have walked about on Temple Square, in a sea of zillions of Christmas lights, with you. And yes, there was snow!


I can share something really Christmasy-funny with you. On my Delta flight home, the napkin that came with my tomato juice said, "Watch our NEW Coca-Cola Polar Bear family at  I stuffed that napkin in my bag and yesterday I clicked and watched this short little movie......... and it was delightful. I recommend it to you for a big happy holiday smile and to warm your heart. 

Looking forward to our January 4th meeting and luncheon. We'll have to share some new Christmas memories!


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