Saturday, November 2, 2013

What You Missed November 2, 2013 EWGS meeting

Today started out rainy, and so you probably did not see all the progress Avista is making on Huntington Park across the street from the Library, so here is a couple of pictures of the park.

The EWGS board meeting started soon after 10 a.m. and I passed some old photo's I took in 1997 of EWGS setting up our booth at the conference at Fife, Washington in 1997 and a photo of Cyndi Howells of Cyndi's List who had a booth near us. She had just finished her talk on Genealogy Research in your Pajamas and Bunnie Slippers. So why was this interesting, EWGS has asked Cyndi Ingles (her maiden name) to be our October 2015 speaker, and the board had to approve this which we did with very little discussion. Note to EWGS members the board meetings are open to any EWGS member.
At lunch in the food court at River Park Square was a concert on the main floor, but a nice serenade while I ate lunch.

After lunch we were shown the new slate of EWGS officers for 2014.

President Donna Potter-Phillips, Vice President Pat Bayonne-Johnson, Recording Secretary Dianne Doneen Bongarts, Corresponding Secretary Evelyn Carpenter-Small, Past President Bill Hire, Trustee Dolly Gorrod Webb, Historian John Ellingson, Librarian Juanita Linton McBride, and Member at Large Lola King McCreary. Not present Treasurer Oweeta Homer Floyd, and Trustee Kathy Bowen. A special thank you to our nominating committee Lola McCreary.

Then the program by John Richards a great grandson of Patrick F. "Patsy" and Mary (Stack) Clark. Very interesting story on Patsy from his birth in Ireland during the potato famine to his ending up in Spokane a very rich mine owner and builder of the Patsy Clark Mansion.

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