Monday, November 4, 2013

EWGS Meeting Nov 2nd Features John Richards, "Patsy" Clark's Gr-Grandson

The Saturday, November 2nd, EWGS meeting was a winner. John Richards, one of the great-grandsons of Patrick "Patsy" Clark, told the story of his locally-famous ancestor and of the Patsy Clark Mansion.

Patrick J. Clark was born in 1851 in Ireland and died in June 1915 in Spokane. He was a warm-hearted but strong-minded man who was at the right time and right place in the mining arena of the 19th century west. He made a fortune and when he asked Kirtland J. Cutter to design his family home in 1896, Cutter was told to spare no expense and went to Europe to gather building materials and furnishings. In today's money, the mansion cost $1,000,000.

"Patsy" Clark was a generous benefactor to Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral in downtown Spokane. Much of the rich interior was made possible with gifts from Clark. In 1908 he gave $15,000 for the beautiful main altar in the church.

EWGS members in attendance were enthralled with John's recounting of his ancestor and we thank him for sharing his family and his time with us.

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