Monday, September 23, 2013

Orrin J. Gould: Among the Forgotten Buried Here

Orrin J. Gould lies resting in Fairmount Cemetery. His death certificate says he died on 6 Dec 1907 not 3 Dec. He was 38 years old; had been born in New York; was the son of James Gould also born in New York; and he was a printer by occupation; his address was Five Mile Prairie in Spokane. He died of pernicious anemia ("diagnosis of former attendant").

Beyond this, Orrin is a mystery. I did not find anything about him in the 1880 or 1900 U.S. Federal Censuses. Or any documentation in our Washington State Digital Archives beyond his death certificate.

How many "unknown" rest in our area cemeteries? They may have a name and dates, they may have a death certificate, but the rest of their story is unknown. I think that is too bad. Surely Orrin J. (likely James after his father) Gould must have some family somewhere who is trying to find and document his final resting place? Who paid for the lovely tombstone??

EWGS stands ready to assist any family member claiming Orrin James Gould in their family tree.

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