Monday, September 9, 2013

EWGS Does KSPS On September 8th

As they say, a good time was had by all. Twelve volunteers from EWGS manned the phones at the KSPS public TV station taking pledge calls on Sunday afternoon, September 8th. We made a "ton" of money for the station....... Pat A.'s first call was a $1000 pledge!! That's her in the lower pix. 

Besides the good we did for public television, we all had a good visiting time. I learned that each of us had a Last Summer's Genealogy Gem to share:

Leah is learning to use her new MAC and entering her information into; she and a distant cousin have donated all the back issues of Big Smoke, the publication of the Pend Oreille County Historical Society (in Newport) to EWGS. What a wealth of eastern Washington history!

Evelyn finally connected her Small family in the U.S. to the Schmahl family in Germany in the 1600s. 

Janet was telling me that her g-grandfather was a Civil War veteran and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery but is not on any list! EWGS will fix that for sure.

BJ has been working on her Gormley and Renick Irish lines but she took her 12yo granddaughter to the AHSGR convention in Fort Collins, Colorado, and says the girl is hooked on genealogy. Yahoo!

Harold and Florence explained that he found that a great uncle had been in the insane asylum and was buried on the grounds and she explained that they just buried her brother in our new Veteran's Cemetery here.

Lois found a wonderful story about her g-grandfather.... apparently he was stuck twice on the same day by two different cars in Chicago in the 1930s and died soon thereafter. She's also traced her maiden name line back to the Second Boat, the Mary and John.

Maggie found that a distant cousin posted family pictures on Facebook that the family had never seen but the pix proved that her granddaughter's husband goes go back to this family for they all were very tall fellows... her grandson-in-law is 6'7". 

Pat found out, via the company 23 & Me, that she is 2.8% Neanderthal which "proves my people were here way, way back!"

Janine admitted having done no genealogy this summer but did travel to Montana three times and enjoyed the beauty of Glacier National Park.

Mike sent off for his father's World War II file knowing that many of these records were destroyed by fire in the 1970s. But Mike was lucky; he got his dad's DD214, which showed his service timeline, and a list of the medals he was awarded.

The main point of sharing all of this with you is this: Doing service projects like this are times when EWGS members can network, can share stories, can learn about new resources and can just have a good time with like-minded folks. I hope YOU will consider joining our KSPS crew next opportunity.

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