Monday, August 26, 2013

Trivia From Spokane's Past

I bought this little booklet at a garage sale. There is no date in the book, but the pastor was John Newton Garst. The Garst family is found on the Spokane's 1930 census but no others (1920 in CA;  1940 in IA). So I'm guessing this booklet was published in the 1925-1935 time period.

"An attractive home and how to make it" has been the query of womenkind for ages. We find the savages expressing their idea of home in the primitive tepee and adobe houses. Time and education has developed many new ideas. Today the architect plans, the artist carves and paints, the plumber and mechanic lends his brain and skill to express our modern ideas of house building.

"The comes the woman's hand with the touch that tells and the influence that makes the abiding place truly a home. Give thought and attention first to the kind of a home you desire. When that point is attained, be sure it exists, then search until you find it. If it is to be constructed, define well that which you desire, thereby lending assistance to the architect to that end. Take time to dream of the effects and see it first as it should be or as you would like it, then proceed to execute your design, knowing full well that as in a woman's dress nothing tells so much as careful attention to every detail. In carrying out this idea of the attractive home,w e will call attention to our advertisers. You will find them men and women of skill in their chosen line, courteous, kind, every ready to serve or suggest if you make know to them your desire. Also the following notes on various branches of home making and housekeeping it is hoped will assist you greatly in your efforts.

"In presenting this little book to the public, the ladies of this church have endeavored to arrange a collection of choice ideas, contributed by members and friends, that have been thoroughly tested and feeling assured the same will appear to many and be of service in many homes."

As time and space permit, I shall add more tidbits from this interesting booklet; stay tuned. What do you think of this advice so far??

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