Saturday, August 3, 2013

Spokane's Pet Cemetery

Did you know that Spokane has a pets-only cemetery and that it's been there since before World War II?

A story in the Spokesman-Review on January 7, 1999 explained:  Tucked away on Howard Street just north of Francis Avenue sits a tiny plot of Spokane history. No signs identify it. No maps show its location. And it's not in the phone book. But many people know it is Sleepy Hollow pet cemetery. Dr. Michael Pfarr, veterinarian and owner of the Animal Clinic of Spokane, 6322 N. Wall, became owner of the cemetery, as he said, "be default." His father inherited it as part of the vet clinic he and his partner bought in the 1940s. When the practice changed hands, so did the cemetery. ….

Another search found an article dated 8 December 1948:  Scores of tiny graves attest to the owners' love for their pets…… the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery was begun in the 1930s by Dr. J.J. Stratton, veterinarian….. there are approximately 450 burials in this little place, most dogs and cats, but other animals like canaries. This article ended with 'most of the pets go to dog or cat heaven in regulation caskets even to satin lining.'

I've driven past this place and can attest that it is still there. Who would have guessed? 

UPDATE:  Miriam Robbins alerted me that "anonymous" had left a nice reply to our previous bit posted here on Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge:   I am a Turnbull and my great, great, great, grandfather was Cyrus Turnbull. Thanks for writing and posting this! :) 

Would so enjoy getting in contact with "anonymous" and learn the rest of the Turnbull story..............


Chloe said...

This is gorgeous!

Kristen Dockery said...

I really love this idea of a pet cemetery. I had a dog for over 14 years and he recently passed away. He was more than a pet to me and I wanted to honor his life and I want to be able to always remember and go talk to him when I get lonely.