Monday, July 1, 2013

WSGS Conference 2013 at Yakima, Vendors

Well This post is on the vendors and maybe a few comments on the conference. I have never been a big vendor person, maybe because I manned the booth for EWGS publications for years helping my sister sell EWGS books, but few sold, and so got to sit and do nothing for hours sometimes. 
Heritage Quest Research Library and the SAR set up Friday night.

The SAR booth.
Saturday morning the APG booth was up.
The DAR booth
They also had a big table full of Raffle prizes.

Here is a couple of pictures of the crowd at the 
WSGS Annual meeting. I did not get a final number
so I guess we need to count bodies in the pictures.
This was an excellent conference, and the main speaker
Bret Petersen was an enthusiastic speaker. Thanks to all
the volunteers at YVGS for your hard work.

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