Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Grand & Good Advice From EWGS Members

Several EWGS members attended the memorial for Susan Hunsche Heil last Sunday; I was among them. Susan's two children planned a very moving tribute to their mother and we were all glad we went.

Dolly Webb stood and gave a tribute to Susan, a recounting of memories and stories of Susan. "But we have no stories that were Susan's," Dolly said, almost tearfully. "Her children and two lovely granddaughters will never know Susan's stories because she did not write them down."

This was a straight-to-the-heart indictment of all of us who call ourselves genealogists or family historians. Susan thought she had plenty of time to write those stories and enjoyed her time with other genealogical pursuits, with knitting, and other interesting things. I'd bet she always planned to write down those stories.... but the owl came and called her name and now she's gone.......... and with her those stories.

"What about YOU?" Dolly asked the audience. "Will you wait until it's too late and never share those stories and let them be lost forever??"

Let us all take Dolly's advice to heart and just do it............today. Susan would be saying, "Yes!!"

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