Monday, July 1, 2013

EWGS Members At The Recent WSGS Conference

Those EWGS members attending the recent WSGS (Washington State Genealogical Society) conference in Yakima were all glad they made the effort to attend. But only seven of us took advantage of the opportunity: Shirley and Dick Oakes (sorry, didn't get their photo), Marie Walick, Charles Hansen, new members Barbara Jolley and Kathy Bowen and me. I'm standing by Steven Morrison who was and is a great speaker and one we may possibly consider for 2013 with EWGS.

Our state society has a new website host; they've gone to EasyNetSites just like we have. And they have great plans to put more and more features online at their site to make state society membership of more value to us members.

Remember the adage coined by the Washington State Society some years back? You won't KNOW if you don't GO. That is still so very true today. Your next biggee learning opportunity will be our EWGS Fall Workshop in October; don't miss out.

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