Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Washington State Digital Archives..... Want To Visit?

 Charles Hansen and I attended a meeting in Cheney at our Washington State Digital Archives yesterday. Assistant Secretary of State Terry Badger was there, too, and among all the business conducted Mr. Badger  invited our group to come out for a tour and/or a day of research. This is a fabulous place; we are so lucky to have it so near to us. I think this would be a great EWGS Saturday meeting in 2014; what do you think??

They have Washington records. These records document the interaction between our ancestors and the state government.... vital records, land records, naturalization records, mortgages, school records, probate records, etc. Yes, all these are slowly being digitized and will be available on their website:  www.digitalarchives.wa.gov     but wouldn't it be such great fun to hold the actual record in your hand???

We also got to meet The Sentinel (aka the movie Matrix). He is the unofficial guardian of our Washington State Digital Archives (see him between the computer monitors to the left of Harold). Great to know he's always on guard!  (And see Charles reflected in the glass.)

It was a wonderful afternoon; I hope we all vote yes for a Saturday visit in 2014.


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Charles Hansen said...

It was different and fun. The one question I get is where are the coroners records, and I got to see the boxes and boxes of coroners records that used to be in the courthouse. I do hope we can go an a Saturday.