Monday, June 3, 2013

Susan Faulker: June 1st Speaker

Susan Davis Faulkner presented a terrific program on "Using The Family Bible As A Genealogical Resource" at our June 1st EWGS meeting. I goofed and did not take her picture but here is an image of her book..... she worked with the Images of America folks to produce a book on Early Pasco. Tiz a great read.

The concept that Susan presented to us was a new one to me and perhaps many of you too. She suggested that we consider the family Bible as a total resource to help us fill in the gaps to understanding the life and times of our ancestor. They can contain: personal notes, addresses, memorabilia, official papers (100-200 years ago where was a safe place to tuck a land deed?), funeral cards, letters, etc. etc. etc. It is surely these things that put the flesh on the bones of a grandmother.  If you're lucky enough to find a Bible and it still has all this ephemera in place, you are a lucky researcher indeed.

Her handout was a listing or table of "some of the more popular places that Bible Records can be found online." The handout also included a "sampling of book available at the Spokane Public Library.... that will either assist in a deeper understanding of items left in family Bibles or are promoted for having Bible Records information."

Susan explained that the book Religions of the World is not in the Genealogy Section but in the general reference area and is a most valuable aid to researchers. "If great-grandma was a Bible reader she likely went to church and if she mentions the denomination in her Bible and you're not familiar with it, then this book will give you that understanding."

Thank, Susan, for coming up from Kennewick to share your time and talents with us.

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