Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Report on RootsTech

Just back from the third RootsTech; I was among 6700 attendees! I did not run into anybody else from EWGS but several from the TriCities group.  The theme of the show was stated on this signboard and fully 1/3 of the vendors and presentations were aimed at the theme of preserving the stories and then sharing the stories. The keynote presentations were especially great and you can learn from them too. Click to www.rootstech.org and click on the live "re-runs."

One presenter was David Pogue, the tech columnist for The New York Times. He's not a genealogist and his column on technology is good reading for anybody. (And we can read it for free; use Google to find it.) He told how absolutely for sure the future will be a smallish-device in our pocket that will be "everything:"  camera, phone, Internet, social-media connector, start our cars remotely, watch the kids at home, start the oven for dinner, visit the doctor, chat face-to-face with anybody anywhere............ absolutely everything. And if you do not believe it, you err in judgment (as I did). 

Knowing what I now understand and believe, please know that as your EWGS president I will be encouraging EWGS toward the future and towards technology. For technology is the future, like it or not.

Most every vendor booth had chocolates..... dark chocolate too...... and that was a very nice and welcome touch.  See what all you missed???

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