Saturday, January 26, 2013

Books Donated to EWGS from Montana

Janet Thomson is a member of the Great Falls Genealogical Society and is the principle editor of a 2-volume set of books, Early Settlers of Great Falls (Montana), 1884-1920, Stories About Early Residents...Volumes 1-2. Great Falls is on the upper Missouri River and was first documented by Meriwether Lewis on the historic Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Expedition (1804-1806). He wrote that he could hear the thunder of the falls (which turned out to be a series of falls) from a day's distance. The town of Great Falls was founded in the spring of 1884 and grew slowly until the arrival of the railroad in 1887 and "every person of the 3,500 population of this city turned out to give a grand welcome to the first train." She graciously donated the two volumes (nearly 450 pages) to EWGS......... they will become part of our genealogy collection in the downtown Spokane Public Library. Have you any ancestors who might have resided in Great Falls, Montana, between 1884 and 1920? Volume 2 of this series is 200 pages of "Stories About Early Residents of Great Falls, Montana."  Do put this on your To-Do list to look at on a future visit to our genealogy collection. 

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