Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Eastern Washington Trivia

Last weekend, going to grandson's wedding in Pullman, I drove through Colfax and once again passed the famous Codger Pole without giving it barely a glance. Have you done this? Did we realize that this is a 65-foot tall chainsaw sculpture and commemorates a 1988 high school football rematch, played by the same participants 50 years after the first game???  The original 1938 contest was between Colfax and St.John and the heads of all the golden-aged players are carved into the pole's cedar logs. Carver Jonathan LaBenne says that the pole may be the world's largest chainsaw sculpture of human likenesses and possibly the world's largest carved football monument. Now we'll look and admire. 

Ever heard of the book publishing company Images of America? Their books are always $21.99 and in the same page count and format and they are compiled by folks living "there" who are interested in that place or that topic. There are 156 titles for Washington, 3 for Spokane and even one for Pullman. And (hooray!) there is one for where I was born, Kalamazoo, Michigan. Google "images of america" and check for a book on your hometown or state.

We all know what Mountain Ash trees are.... and perhaps have one in our yard. According to the Friends of Manito newsletter the Mountain Ash is a common tree all around Spokane. But bet we didn't know that the two largest examples of this tree, for the entire state of Washington, are now in Spokane. The #1 spot is held by the Manito Park tree on Manito Place (adjacent to the roadway about 1/2 block west of Grand Blvd). The #2 tree is located in Cannon Hill Park (north border of the pond). No wonder we have so many robins in Spokane!

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