Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cincinnati Chili..... YUMMY

One of the bestest things about being in Cincinnati, Ohio, is the opportunity to enjoy a bowl of Cincinnati Chili. Now from the photo above it might not look like chili to you but that is what they call it here........... or Skyline Chili or Cincinnati Spaghetti. It comes "basic" with a spaghetti noodle base, then a dollop of the special bean-less chili and topped with a huge mound of grated mild cheddar or you can have it any one of several other ways. But believe me, it is YUMMY.  Google the recipe and try it.

One thing I did for EWGS while attending the NGS conference last week here in Cincinnati was attend the FamilySearch sponsored workshop to "Put Your Society On The Map."  If you click to FamilySearch and then to the Wiki for Washington, you should find a nice new link to EWGS. We need to fill in some of the particulars (and in all fairness, Charles Hansen made a great start to this endeavor) but it was free so why not?

And kudos to our Tuesday Gals at the Library. We visited the Cincinnati Public Library which is loudly touted for it's collection.......... and I guess it was but there were several things about which OUR "library staff" has the Cincinnati PL staff beat hands down. THANK YOU, Juanita, Barb, Dolly, Pat, Mary, Susan and anybody I'm over looking. (Had Cincinnati Chili for lunch!!)

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