Monday, April 9, 2012

I'm sorry to have missed our EWGS Welcome 1940 Census Party but co-chair Bette Butcher Topp reported to me that it was a resounding success.... and Big Thank Yous for all who helped.  I was in Washington DC with son and two grandsons walking miles every day visiting all the Smithsonian museums on our National Mall. And of course we went to Arlington National Cemetery. While there are hundreds of prominent people (mostly men) buried there, my eye was drawn to stones like the one above: Who was Lt. George W. George of the 5th New Hampshire Infantry? And he died a full decade after the Civil War ended. Is there a book written about Lt. George?? Being spring break the town was swarming with children and teens and amazingly this little reminder sign did hush some of their chattering. The bottom photo shows Arlington House yesterday and today. The house is undergoing major renovations and restorations..... your U.S. tax dollars at work. From almost anywhere in Washington DC you can look west into Virginia and spot this mansion glowing upon the hilltop and presiding over thousands of white-crossed graves. It is a national shrine and one worth a visit from every American citizen.

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