Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Your Digital Digest committee works for YOU.

This is the editorial committee for the EWGS Digital Digest:  Gerry Gosche, Juanita McBride, Pat Bayonne-Johnson, Jeanne Coe, Diane Boyd (also our webmaster), Bill Hire (assistant webmaster), Bette Topp and Donna Phillips. We met on Tuesday, 17 January, to plan the next several issues of the Digest, working diligently to ensure that the content is of worth and interest to our members and to those living elsewhere coming to our website for their research needs. We work for YOU. All we ask is that you click to the www.EWGSI.orgwww.EWGSI.org  website and take the time with our new digital publication as you did with our paper publication. And most certainly, we would welcome input and participation from YOU.

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