Monday, November 28, 2011

Spokane Falls 1883

Spokane falls, Spokane County, is situated on the line of the N.P.R.R. 161 miles from Wallula Junction, and contains a population of about one thousand. The location of this little city, on the left back of the Spokane river, at the falls of the same, from which it derives its names, is magnificently beautiful. No language that I can employ would fittingly express the grandeur of its situation. The water power furnished by the river is only equalled, and not excelled, by two other cities in the United States, ..... Fall River, Mass., and Minneapolis, Minnesota, which will in the near future attract capital for investment in manufactories. Nature and nature's God ordained that a manufacturing metropolis would be built on the present site of this city. Spokane Falls possesses many other advantages, being in the center of a large agricultural and stock raising country, with an immense amount of timber of the best quality. Many attractions are offered to the pleasure seeker who delights in beautiful scenery, and the disciples of Isaak Walton will find here the best trout fishing on the habitable globe. Business of all kinds is represented here, and the merchant and tradesman never have cause to complain, for they are never overtaken by dull times. The city boasts of good hotels, churches and schools, and everything else that goes to make up a happy and prosperous people. The Spokane Falls Chronicle, a weekly newspaper published by the Northwest Publishing Company and edited by A.K. Woodbury, is doing herculean work in the interest of the section where it receives its principal patronage.

I found this in an 1883 city directory in the Joel E. Ferris Research Library, Eastern Washington Historical Society Archives & Library, next to the MAC Museum while I was researching something else. Since it was so interesting to me, I thought it might would be to you too.  One note; in 1883 it was already SpokanE Falls??

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