Monday, November 21, 2011

Miscellaneous from Donna

EWGS received a nice thank you card from the family of Agnes Harton. Agnes was a long time EWGS member and will be missed. The card is signed by her son, Dave, and he wrote:  "I must have 6-8 bins of geney (sic) stuff in my garage...maybe I will get to it when I retire."  My thought? Oh, Agnes, why did you leave a mess of 6-8 bins of stuff and not an organized legacy for Dave and your other posterity????? 

An article on our Spokesman  newspaper on 17 Nov 2011 explained that descendants of Stephen Liberty dedicated a marker at Liberty Lake that honors him. He was born Etienne Eduard Laliberte and moved to the west side of the lake in 1871; he had changed his name to Stephen Liberty sometime after 1862 when he emigrated from Quebec to the United States. Don't we enjoy these local history articles? Do we let our paper know that we do??

My eye caught a really sad bit in the "Found" want ads on 14 Nov; somebody found a box apparently containing the ashes of somebody!  "Found: "Naomi" born 4-6-1954, date of death 2-5-2008. A memorial box."  This was found way out on east Sprague; call Ana (509-315-9418) if this is from your family. Surely hope somebody does!

One of my favorite eating places is Azar's on North Monroe; their gyros are the bestest! While lunching there recently, I picked up a brochure to "Learn the Art of Bellydance."  Humm...... I have the belly but not the ethnic heritage for this activity. But I'll bet there are many of Greek heritage or interest who might??? 

Be sure to attend the December 3rd EWGS meeting at the downtown Spokane Public Library. We'll be showing a brand new DVD on researching cemeteries. Coffee, cookies and conversation begins at 12:30. Nearly free parking west down the Main Street hillOh, and do bring your 2012 dues.

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