Monday, October 24, 2011

EWGS Does Nothing For Halloween

This is a Burning Bush in my back yard. It always "burns" about Halloween time and I call it my Halloween Bush.  It has nothing to do, really, with genealogy, except that it reminds me, as does the Halloween holiday, that our "wonderful" Spokane winter is coming and is a dandy time to re-dedicate myself to doing some serious study on my genealogy. The yard and garden is put to rest, the number of have-tos involving travel slows way down and what else is there to do........that's fun?

I invite you to the EWGS meeting on November 4th, downtown Spokane Library, 12:30........ with almost-free parking down/west on Main street. The program will be "Researching A Place Online." All of us have the situation of needing research knowledge or help "there" (say Georgia) when we live "here" (say Spokane) and this presentation is planned to help you deal with that distance obstacle.

Then our EWGS comptuer class (for members only) on November 19 will be the last one for 2011. Email Miriam Robbins ( to sign-up for this class.

EWGS is there to inspire you, to help you, to guide you..... all that is necessary to enable you to have the skills to find those rascally ancestors. And with knee-deep snow outside, winter is a good time to dig into your genealogy...........and with EWGS help, you'll find answers!

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